Ummc In The Ettu-Cup's Final!

UMMC in the ETTU-Cup's Final!
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UMMC booked a place in the final of the ETTU-Cup. The Russian club turned the match round after facing a close defeat in the first leg match. In the second leg match Hou Yingchao led his team to victory and will face Bogoria of Jiang Tianyi in the final. The final match will be held in April. 


UMMC of Russia is the second finalist of the ETTU-Cup. Although the Russian club suffered a close defeat in the first leg match, it overcame Olimpia by 3:1 in the second leg match, and got a ticket to the final. In the first leg match, Olimpia got its first point as Huang Sheng Sheng beat Tan Ruiwu by 3:1. Then Hou Yingchao defeated Bartosz Such by 3:1 and leleved at 1:1. Tomislav Kolarek overcame Grigory Vlasov by 3:0 and put Olimpia 2:1 up. Hou leveled the score again after beating Huang by 3:0. Such gave victory to  Olimpia as he stood victorious Tan by 3:1. 

However, UMMC recovered for the second leg match held today in Ekaterinburg. Hou Yingchao defeated Such by 11:5, 3:11, 11:6, 3:11 and 11:7 in the opening match. Then Grigory Vlasov got the second point for his team after beating Huang Sheng Sheng by 11:7, 11:9 and 11:6. Tomislav Kolarek gave some hopes to his team as he stood victorious over Tan Ruiwu by 6:11, 11:5, 11:5 and 11:9 but Hou overcame Huang by 11:4, 13:11 and 11:9, and sealed victory for UMMC. 

The first and second leg match of the final will be held in April.  

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