Wang Liqin Enters His Second Decade In The Chinese Team! (Videos)

Wang Liqin Enters His Second Decade In The Chinese Team! (Videos)
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The three time world champion Wang Liqin has already been serving the Chinese National Team for almost two decades. Throughout a successful career in table tennis, Wang Liqin has been a reliable player which explains his numerous participations in world competitions. However, things are starting to change as opportunities have declined. Despite this, Wang Liqin continues to adhere to the demands of his career expressing his life's true desire which is table tennis. 


Shanghai Youth Daily. Being one of the main contributors of championship titles for the Chinese Men's Team, Wang Liqin is considered to be an important figure in the sport. After almost two decades of service, Wang Liqin continues to be of service to his life's passion which is table tennis.

As a right hand shake-hand player, Wang Liqin started to professionally train for table tennis in year 1984. Seven years later, he was admitted to the Shanghai Provincial Team and in 1993, Wang Liqin joined the strongest table tennis team in the world. 

Since he entered the Chinese National Team, Wang Liqin has been one of the trusted players by the coaching staff. He has been to 8 World Championships and three Olympic Games. Among those 8 times that he participated in a world championship, Wang Liqin has won the Men's Singles title three times: in 2001, 2005, and a successful defence in 2007. 

Indeed, it can be said that Wang Liqin's comfort zone is the World Championships. However, in recent seasons, Wang Liqin's performance seemed to have declined. In 2009, Wang Liqin made it into the finals but lost to Wang Hao in a crushing 0-4. In 2011, Wang Liqin only lasted to the quarterfinals. For 2013, Wang Liqin will most likely not qualify for the Men's Singles. 

Wang Liqin vs Wang Hao 2009 World Championships MS Finals
video kindly shared by ttCountenance

Wang Liqin vs Zhang Jike 2011 World Championships MS QF
video kindly shared by janus770

With such decline, Wang Liqin is aware that he is no longer at his peak and has actually prepared for unfortunate things to happen just like his failure to qualify for this year's World Championships Men's Singles. 

"Actually opportunities now are lesser. I already prepared well for this kind of failure. Since I cannot participate in the Rio Olympics, the team gave the opportunities to the younger players." Wang Liqin said. 

Previous reports have said that Wang Liqin is most likely to retire after this year's National Games and Shanghai's coach Xi Minjie has confirmed such news. However, when it comes to retirement, Wang Liqin hasn't been too comfortable talking about such issue. 

"Until the day before my retirement, the most important thing to do is to play. I will not allow other matters to distract me!" Wang Liqin said. 

"With his age, allowing him to play for the Rio Olympics is unrealistic. However, we can still consider him to play in the Mixed Doubles and Men's Doubles in Paris. He is still considered as an important figure in the team as no matter what position he has, he still gives his best." Liu Guoliang commended. 

This year, 2013, Wang Liqin has marked his second decade serving the Chinese National Team. Although the end of his athletic career is already at sight, Wang Liqin remains to refuse to linger on such fact. Such refusal doesn't absolutely mean a denial but a manifestation of how much table tennis means to Wang Liqin.  

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