Yan An Joins Ma Long, Xu Xin & Zhang Jike To Be The Future Of The Chinese Team

Yan An Joins Ma Long, Xu Xin & Zhang Jike To Be The Future Of The Chinese Team
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The promising rookie Yan An was one of the highlights of the recently concluded 2013 World Championships Squad Trials after showing his great potentials in the arena. First, Yan An was able to pose a great degree of threat towards the formidable Ma Long then second, Yan An successfully realised the main purpose of the competition by taking his seat in the Men's Singles lineup for the 2013 World Championships in Paris. As for the head coach, Liu Guoliang said that Yan An is now a part of the Chinese Team's future. 


Southern Metropolis Daily. One of the highlights of the recently concluded 2013 World Championships Squad Trials was the stunning performance of the promising rookie Yan An which eventually earned him a place in the actual competition in Paris. 

Ma Long, Xu Xin and Zhang Jike are currently the forerunners of the Chinese Men's Team ranking in the first three spots in the world. Considering this, their strengths are on top of everybody else. In addition, having to participate and win in various world competitions, they have already gathered enough experience to make them more matured players. 

With this, Xu Xin, Zhang Jike and Ma Long being the first three players to get through the trials and got qualified for the 2013 World Championships Men's Singles in Paris were not unexpected. "Xu Xin,  Zhang Jike, Ma Long were the seeded players and their victories were expected. Not enough suspense." Liu Guiliang said. 

It may have been expected for the Chinese Triad (Xu Xin, Zhang Jike, and Ma Long), but Yan An's performance in the competition was surprisingly stunning. In the third day of the competition, Yan An posed great threat against Ma Long and it was the second consecutive time for him to do such. After just almost winning, Yan An never gave up and in the fourth day, finally took his seat in the lineup for Paris. 

Yan An's performance was indeed commendable but for the head coach Liu Guoliang, the young player still needs more mental toughness. "Ma Long and Yan An played normal and both were a little restrained. After leading in 2-0, Yan An had some changes in the way he played and Yan An has committed such mistake a lot before. Such problem did not change and he could commit unforgivable mistakes in world competitions. He has his own features but his still needs more mental toughness." Liu Guoliang commented. 

Lastly, Liu Guoliang revealed that together with Ma Long, Xu Xin and Zhang Jike, Yan An is already a part of the future of the Chinese Men's Team. "The five players who won the squad trials will certainly be the focus of trainings in the future. In addition, the team will also consider long-term developments for such players to gear them towards the 2016 Rio Olympics." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

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