Zhang Jike: I Didn't Expect To Win So Easily Against Ovtcharov (Video)

Zhang Jike: I Didn't Expect To Win So Easily Against Ovtcharov (Video)
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Zhang Jike's loss against Samsonov in the opening day of the 2013 Asia-Euro All Star Challenge was certainly an unmet expectation for the host. After such defeat, Zhang Jike declared that his goal for the following day was to win and he needed to carry out such mission against Ovtcharov. After just three sets, even Zhang Jike, himself could not believe such result. In an interview, the host revealed that he was inspired to play after seeing Sports Director Cai Zhenhua in the arena.


Qingdao Evening News. The opening day of the 2013 Asia-Euro All Star Challenge was not a victorious day for the hosting team and the leader Zhang Jike. However, in the following day, Zhang Jike redeemed himself with an impressive 3-0 against Dimitrij Ovtcharov. 

After a rather embarrassing loss against Vladimir Samsonov in the opening day of the competition, Zhang Jike declared in a press conference that his goal was to win. Therefore, the determination was there and Ovtcharov was well aware of what's in store for him in his battle against Zhang Jike the next day. 

Zhang Jike and Dimitrij Ovtcharov do not regularly encounter each other in international competitions. However, if they do meet, Zhang Jike always has the upper hand but scores posted would tell that they were not easy victories. Last weekend, Zhang Jike once again won over Ovtcharov but this time, it was a stunning 3-0! 

Zhang Jike vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov 2013 Asia-Euro All Star Challenge
video kindly shared by TTJanus

After the match, even Zhang Jike, himself, could not believe his impressive performance. 

Being the most popular table tennis athlete in China, at least, Zhang Jike has drawn a lot of fans to the stadium. Regardless of age and gender, everyone was cheering for him. Among the sea of fans was the Zhang Jike's biggest audience and he was no other than the Chinese Sports Director Cai Zhenhua. In return, Zhang Jike offered his 3-0 feat to Cai Zhenhua as a sign of gratefulness.

During the press conference after the game, Zhang Jike was asked whether Cai Zhenhua's presence motivated him to play better. "Of course, just see the results of the competition and you'll know!" Zhang Jike concluded. 

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