Zhang Jike: I Have No Pressure In Defending My Title In Paris (Videos)

Zhang Jike: I have No Pressure In Defending My Title In Paris (Videos)
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Zhang Jike's first step towards being the Grand Slam champion was the 2011 World Championships in Rotterdam. A few weeks ago, Zhang Jike has expressed that he aims to defend his title in Paris. In addition to that, he revealed that he doesn't feel any pressure in achieving such goal. In order to do what he needs to do, Zhang Jike gives great importance to their Closed Training which is being held in Chengdu.


Xinhua Net. One of the highlights in Zhang Jike's career was his victory in the 2011 World Championships in Rotterdam. This was his first step in fulfilling his Grand Slam dream. Now that he has already realised such dream, Zhang Jike just plans to defend it. 

"I am now already a Grand Slam champion. Of course, I will go to Paris to defend my title and I feel no pressure in defending it. I will let go and work hard for it." Zhang Jike started. 

Zhang Jike vs Wang Hao 2011 World Championships
video kindly shared by janus770

In order to defend the goal, Zhang Jike is adding weight to his training to enhance his technical side and create innovations. "Every athlete has his own technical advantages at a given period. But the development of table tennis is so fast. new techniques are being discovered. Therefore, I must also require myself with it." Zhang Jike added.  

The Closed Training of the Chinese Men's Team started last March 13 in Chengdu. This is a month-long preparation for the upcoming 2013 World Championships. As for Zhang Jike, in order to gain from such training, he puts importance to the attitude.

"Every year, our team has one or two Closed Training so I am already very accustomed to it. As for us, this kind of training improves our technical and psychological capabilities. It is also a good chance for physical fitness. The real concern is one's ability to get serious in the whole duration of the Closed Training." Zhang Jike explained. 

While, the reigning world champion is specific on his goal in Paris, the Olympic bronze medalist Dimtirij Ovtcharov just wants to clinch a medal, regardless of the colour. "The colour of the medal is not important. Any colour will make me very happy. Since there are a lot of top-notched players in the world championships, I would just want to play my normal level and believe that I will be able to reach the target." Ovthcharov explained. 

Zhang Jike vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov 2013 Asia-Euro All Star Challenge
video kindly shared by TTJanus

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