Zhang Jike Isn't Thinking About Settling Down (Photos)

Zhang Jike Isn't Thinking About Settling Down (Photos)
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At age 24, the newly hailed Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike is already a successful athlete in his own right. With his charisma, achievements and age, Zhang Jike can already actually settle down and this is one of the intriguing questions that has been running in the minds of his fans. In his interview during the 2013 Asia-Euro All Star Challenge, Zhang Jike answered some of the interesting questions about his childhood, targets and love life. 


Xinhua Net. Being one of the most popular table tennis players today, a lot of people would want to know more about the reigning Olympic champion Zhang Jike. Aside from his career, people are also curious about his personal life including his childhood and of course, his love life. 

Zhang Jike was able to spend more time with his fans and the media during the 2013 Asia-Euro All Star Challenge held in Qingdao last weekend. In one of his interviews or fan meetings, Zhang Jike was placed on the hot seat answering some personal questions. 

We have seen pictures of Zhang Jike when he was still young. In addition, his father Zhang Chuanming, has also revealed that he was indeed very strict and even harsh on his son when it comes to training. 

"When I was still a child, my playtime was used by my dad. In a certain room inside the house, you can only see my pingpong table and a steel bed. During my training, the steel bed will be folded so there's only my table. This is a picture of my childhood." Zhang Jike recalled. 

A few years ago, Zhang Jike was rumoured to have been dating his teammate Liu Shiwen. Although there was no confirmation from the two or the coaches, reports said that their relationship, if ever they had one, has already ended. Moreover, Zhang Jike's closeness towards Ding Ning also became an issue but Zhang Jike clarified that they are just friends. 

So is Zhang Jike still single? When does he plan to settle down and have a family?

"This question is really straightforward. Currently, I haven't put much thought on the matter though my mother has been asking me a lot of questions this time whether I have a girlfriend or not. I just feel that I am still at my prime. Those feelings can sometimes affect the career so using your heart on one thing at a time is very important. I think my energy is limited and I want to devote all of them to my career." Zhang Jike explained. 

Indeed, Zhang Jike is very serious with his career after all, he is still at his prime and a lot more can still be achieved. For the upcoming 2013 World Championships, Zhang Jike has already expressed that his goal is to defend his title, nothing less than that. However, when it comes to a longer range target, Zhang Jike would opt not to talk about it. 

"About the target, I do not want to talk too much about it. I am someone's target now. I just want to get better." Zhang Jike concluded.  

By the way, Zhang Jike has a new name given by his fans and it is "Zhang Dekun" which has a homonym of "Changdekun," meaning "looks sleepy."  

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