Zhang Jike: My Goal In Paris Is To Defend The Title (Videos)

Zhang Jike: My Goal In Paris Is To Defend The Title (Videos)
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The reigning world champion in the Men's Singles, Zhang Jike is now safely through the trials as he became the second player to have qualified for the 2013 World Championships in Paris. In his interview during the KIA press conference, Zhang Jike revealed that he considers the subsequent preparations for the upcoming world championships are critical as he has only one goal and that is to defend the title. 


Modern Express. As one of the five players who got qualified in the recently concluded 2013 World Championships Squad Trials, the reigning world champion Zhang Jike is not settling for any less in Paris as he aims to retain the title for the next two years. 

Zhang Jike's first big break happened in May of 2011 where he first set his foot in the World Championships Men's Singles arena. Although Zhang Jike has already started to make his presence felt in the international scene at that time, no one actually thought about him going through each round successfully. 

After beating two of the biggest and most experienced names in table tennis, Wang Liqin and Timo Boll, Zhang Jike claimed his rightful seat in the finals against Wang Hao. In six sets, Zhang Jike impressed everyone including the head coach Liu Guoliang as he clinched the championship title at first try. 

Zhang Jike vs Wang Liqin 2011 WTTC MS QF
video kindly shared by janus770

Zhang Jike vs Timo Boll 2011 WTTC MS SF
video kindly shared by janus770

Zhang Jike vs Wang Hao 2011 WTTC MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Last Saturday, Zhang Jike successfully fought against Chen Qi and Wang Hao in the 2013 World Championships squad trials which earned him a place in the five-man lineup of the Chinese Men's Team. After reigning for two years now, Zhang Jike will be in the same competition once again but this time, to defend his title. 

"Now that I am qualified, I should take the title! Being a runner-up is a failure. Whether against teammates or foreign players, I should have the confidence to win!" Zhang Jike said. 

With such high target, Zhang Jike admits that the preparation he is going to take will be critical. "Starting now until the World Championships in May, every day is important. The process of preparation is extremely critical." Zhang Jike concluded. 

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