2013 Korean Open: Xu Xin Is The Men's Singles Champion! (Videos)

2013 Korean Open: Xu Xin Is The Men's Singles Champion! (VIDEOS)
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It should be said that Xu Xin really surprised everyone after he took the formidable Ma Long easily in the first two sets of the final match of the 2013 Korean Open. As soon as the match started, Xu Xin was in total control leaving Ma Long devastated. Although Ma Long got his moments in the match, Xu Xin remained compose and consistent. Eventually, Xu Xin pulled off the match in a very convincing manner. Meanwhile, the home crowd celebrated after Seo Hyo Won won the Women's Singles beating Kasumi Ishikawa in the finals. 


ITTF. The 2013 Korean Open concluded with the proclamation of the winners of the Singles event. In the Men's Singles, Xu Xin overwhelmed everyone after he defeated Ma Long in a very convincing way. Meanwhile, in the women's side, it was Seo Hyo Won who clinched the title. 

Men's Singles 

The Men's Singles had their final battle with the top two seeds, Ma Long and Xu Xin. In previous encounters, Xu Xin was able to display some wonderful moments but they were not enough to full overcome the formidable Ma Long. 

Today, Xu Xin started the match with impact as he nailed a commanding lead of 9-2. This left Ma Long overwhelmed in the opening set. Usually, Ma Long immediately gets back to the match after losing a set. But this time, it seemed that Xu Xin had the momentum and Ma Long had a hard time breaking it. Whether forehand or backhand, Xu Xin just had the answers.  

The direction started to change a little bit in the third set as Ma Long found his rhythm and made his presence felt in the scoreboards. Ma Long levelled things in 2-2. Upon noticing Ma Long's recovery, Xu Xin straightened himself and took back the control, placing Ma Long in great danger. 

At the end of six sets, Xu Xin pulled off the match in the most convincing manner as he defeated Ma Long with 11-3, 11-4, 7-11, 8-11, 11-8, 12-10. 

Xu Xin vs Ma Long

Video kindly shared by TableTennisEvents

Women's Singles

The twelfth seed from the hosting team, Seo Hyo Won created a sensational record in the Women's Singles after she overcame the top seed from Singapore Feng Tianwei in the Round 16. Since then, Seo Hyo Won remained consistent and reached the finals as the only hope of South Korea for the title. 

Meanwhile, the third seed from Japan, Kasumi Ishikawa also had a good journey in the competition sealing the other seat in the finals as well. Today, these two players battle to be proclaimed as the champion. 

Seo Hyo Won started well in the match as she took the opening advantage and as the match progressed, she actually had the control. However, in the fifth set, Ishikawa seized her opportunities and nailed a 3-2 lead. This did not prevent the host from fighting back and once again, the match was back at square one.

The deciding set took place with intensity and it was Seo Hyo Won who made it to the finish line first with a very slight margin. Seo Hyo Won won in 11-8, 5-11, 11-7, 9-11, 10-12, 11-5, 11-9.  

Seo Hyowon vs Kasumi Ishikawa Video  kindly shared by TableTennisEvents

Seo Hyowon vs Kasumi Ishikawa Video kindly shared by ittfchannel

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