Boll's Borussia With 1% Chance Of Reaching The Bundesliga Final (Videos)

Boll's Borussia with 1% chance of reaching the Bundesliga Final  (VIDEOS)
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Borussia Düsseldorf suffered a sweeping defeat against Chuang Chih-Yuan's Werder Bremen in Bundesliga's semfinals and is in a difficult situation to defend the title. Andreas Preus, Borussia's Manager, made that clear as he said that they can role out the chance of playing in the final to be held on June 2nd. 

It seemed that Borussia Düsseldorf is saying good bye to its sixth Bundesliga title in a row. Timo Boll and Co. suffered a 0:3 defeat by hands of Chuang Chih-Yuan's Werder Bremen in the first leg of semifinals, which will be difficult to revert in the second leg match to be held on May 5th. 

The German club has considered the defeat as a debacle, which began with the 0:3 defeat of Ricardo Walther against Chuang Chih-Yuan. Then Timo Boll lost a crucial match against Adrian Crisan by 2:3. Boll's defeat wasn't a surprise at all, because it is already known that Crisan isn't one of Boll's favourite opponents. The catastrophe came to end with Patrick Baum's defeat against Constantin Cioti. Baum had no chance in the first two games but the German player had a great comeback and leveled the score at 2:2. He was leading by 5:1 in the fifth game but Cioti fought back and managed to seal Bremen's victory by 11:9. 

Danny Heister, Borussian coach, said to be very disappointed: "Timo lost the crucial match very close. We already knew that that match was very important. And Patti (Patrick Baum) couldn't manage pressure at the end. He dominated Cioti for a long time. And Chuang was a very strong opponent for Ricardo."

Andreas Preuss, Borussian Manager, recognised the deserved victory of Werder Bremen: "We fairly lost to a strong Bremen. We can rule out the final to be held on June 2nd."

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