Chartres And Pontoise Won In The French League!

Chartres and Pontoise won in the French League!
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Chartres of Gao Ning got its 14th victory in the French League and could secure the title in the next round. Marcos Freitas's Pontoise scored its 11th victory against Kalinikos Kreanga's Hennebont, and got an important advtange over Hennebont and La Romagne. In the women's league, Kremlin posted its 12th victory and is closer to clinch the title. 


Chartres is unstoppable in the French League. In the last round Gao Ning and Co. swept with Marcos Freitas's Pontoise and now it was La Romagne's turn in the 15th round held yesterday. Damien Eloi captured the first point for Chartres as he beat Abdel Kadel Salifou by 10:12, 11:8, 5:11, 11:7 and 11:8. Then Robert Gardos had some problems but he managed to beat Chen Tianyuan by 9:11, 14:12, 9:11, 11:6 and 11:6. In the third match Gao Ning posted a victory over Brice Ollivier by 11:13, 12:10, 11:8 and 11:5. In the fourth match, Damien Eloi gave victory to Chartres after defeating Chen by 11:7, 5:11, 15:13 and 11:9. 

In another interesting match of the round, Pontoise got a convinving victory over Hennebont. Wang Jian Jun beat Bai Feng Tian by 1!:4, 11:7 and 11:6 in the opening match. Then Kalinikos Kreanga leveled for Hennebont after defeating Jakub Kosowski by 11:8, 12:10 and 11:8. Marcos Freitas overcame Dimitrij Prokopcov by 7:11, 11:6, 14:12, 9:11 and 11:4, and took the second point for Pontoise, Kosowski redeemed himself and beat Bai by 5:11, 10:12, 16:14, 11:8 and 11:9. In the fifth match, Wang defeated Prokopcov by 11:7, 9:11, 11:6 and 20:18, and sealed victory for Pontoise. 

In the other matches of the round, Istres of Christophe Legout beat St Louis by 4:1 and is in the sixth place of the league. Angers of Panagiotis Gionis and Christohe Legout posted a 4:2 victory over Iseenne and stays in the fifth place. Saint Maur of Roko Tosic overcame Argentan by 4:2 and moved from the ninth to eighth place. 

In the women's league, Kremlin of Mie Skov posted its 12th victory and remains at the top. Metz, the runner-up, just drew with Miramas by 3:3. Lannoy, third in the league, also got a 3:3 draw with ALCL. St Quentin, fifth place, fell against Poitiers by 2:4, while Mirande/Cugnaux overcame St Bert by 4:2. 

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