Chinese Team Donates To The Victims Of Sichuan

Chinese Team Donates To The Victims Of Sichuan
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Assistance in all sorts have came to the affected areas of the terrible earthquake that hit Sichuan Province last Saturday morning. As one of the successful teams in the Chinese sporting community, the National Table Tennis Team, under the leadership of Liu Guoliang, has agreed to donate a certain amount of money, including their prize from the 2013 Korean Open, to the victims of the earthquake. 


Tencent Sports. After the Chinese southwestern province Sichuan was devastated with the 7 magnitude earthquake last Saturday, help in all sorts came in for the affected victims. With this, the Chinese Team also had the initiative to donate money for Sichuan. 

Being just 140 kilometres front he epicentre of the earthquake, the coaches and players of the Chinese Men's Team was able to experience the earthquake first hand as they carry on their Closed Training in Chengdu.  

Immediately after the earthquake devastated Ya'an, concerned citizens have already expressed their sympathy to all the victims of the earthquake. Of course, the Chinese Men's Team was no exception. 

In the evening of the calamity, head coach Liu Guoliang told Tencent Sports that the Chinese Team, both men and women, will be donating 300,000 yuan or 37,500 US dollars. 

"We are living in Chengdu as of the time being and the earthquake has brought panic to all of us. Watching the news on TV makes us see that this is a very critical moment for the affected areas. I hope that donations will be given as soon as possible so as to provide support for the people." Liu Guoliang said. 

In addition to the 300,000 yuan, the Chinese Team also agreed to give their prize money from the 2013 Korean Open to the victims of the earthquake as well. Recently, the transnational pairing of the Chinese players with South Korean paddlers were successful in the Korean Open and earned a total of 6375 US dollars. 

Initially, it was reported that the money will be donated to Chinese charitable institutions. However, because of the earthquake last Saturday, head coach Liu Guoliang decided to donate it to the affected areas as well. 

"The money is not that much but the intention is what's important because it represented the combined efforts of the Chinese and South Korean table tennis community." Liu Guoliang added.   

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