Chinese Team Gives Chance To Others For A Gold In Paris (Photos)

Chinese Team Gives Chance To Others For A Gold In Paris (Photos)
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The initial lineup of players coming from all the teams for the 2013 World Championships in Paris are already revealed. Whether in Singles, Doubles and the Mixed Doubles, the Chinese Team is the defending champion as they swept all titles in Rotterdam. This year, the Chinese Team somehow gives more opportunities to other teams to clinch a gold as their top players won't be playing the Doubles. 


ITTF. The 2013 World Championships is just a matter of weeks from now and the Chinese Team will come to defend their titles. A Chinese sweep has been a usual scene in competitions but this year in Paris, it seems that China is giving away the gold in the Doubles. 

After winning the Squad Trials for the 2013 World Championships, Xu Xin, Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Yan An and Wang Hao are now listed as the Singles players. At the same time, these players are considered to be the new core of the Chinese Team. 

In practice, especially in big competitions like the World Championships, the Chinese Team will usually have a strong lineup across all events. However, this time, their five players are not in the Doubles list. 

Wang Liqin/Zhou Yu, Hao Shuai/Ma Lin, and Chen Qi/Fang Bo are their representatives for the Men's Doubles. This makes the Chinese table tennis analysts to speculate that the Chinese Team might just be giving more opportunities for other teams to clinch a gold in the World Championships

The speculation could also be true especially this time that the Chinese Team is actively responding to the issue on their domination and their strong desire to promote the sport much further. 

What do you think of this move of the Chinese Team? Is it fair for other teams? Do you really think that the other players will have chance for a gold this time?

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Chinese Men's Team In London

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