Chinese Team Offered A 3-Minute Silence For The Quake Victims (Video)

Chinese Team Offered A 3-Minute Silence For The Quake Victims (Video)
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While in Zhongshan, the Chinese Team did not only have their Warm-Up Match but also exercised their social responsibility as they offered a three-minute silence for all the victims of the deadly earthquake that struck Sichuan last April 20. In an interview, Liu Guoliang said that they have a responsibility to their society and that they wanted to show their concern to the affected areas. 


Tencent Sports. Last April 27, just before the Chinese Team continued their second day of Warm-Up match in Zhongshan, the whole team gathered outside their hotel, all wearing black. Such action was in commemoration for the deadly earthquake that struck Sichuan Province a week earlier. 

At exactly, 8:02 in the morning, the whole team offered a three-minute silence to collectively pray for all the victims of the tragedy. 

"Sichuan and the Chinese table tennis have a deep connection. Before the London Olympics, the women's team had their Closed Training twice in Chengdu. This time, it is the men's team who had their Closed Training for the World Championships there." Liu Guoliang started. 

In addition to their connection with Sichuan, Liu Guoliang also emphasised their responsibility to the society. For him, although they won't be able to help directly, he hopes that they can inspire more people to help. 

"Speaking for our team, we should also have a sense of social responsibility. Although we cannot go to the affected areas but the whole team is very much concerned about their situation. I hope that those who passed away may rest in peace." Liu Guoliang added. 

"Through our modest means, we are calling everyone to work together to help the victims." Liu Guoliang concluded. The team has already offered financial help after donating 300,000 yuan and 37,500 US dollars. 

Chinese Team in Zhongshan
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