Chinese Team's Closed Training Disrupted By Earthquake In Sichuan (Video)

Chinese Team's Closed Training Disrupted By Earthquake In Sichuan (Video)
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A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the southwestern province of China, Sichuan last Saturday morning leaving severe devastation to both the place and the people. With just 100 kilometre distance from the most affected area, Ya'an, Chengdu also felt the strong movements of the ground forcing the Chinese Men's Team to vacate the training halls and spend the rest of the morning outdoors. 


Sina Sports. China had a rough weekend after a 7 magnitude earthquake hit the southwestern province, Sichuan last Saturday morning, April 20, around 8:00. As the capital of Sichuan, Chengdu, where the Chinese Men's Team is having their Closed Training, was also affected. 

"An earthquake was felt in the morning disrupting the training schedule of the Chinese Men's Team. Considering that the strong earthquake might bring damage to the equipments of the training hall, all the staff first needed to check the whole venue. Instead of having technical training sessions inside the stadium, the team went outdoors and had their physical fitness training. According to the staff, the arena was already safe for the team by afternoon." Li Wujun reported.

After the strong earthquake, team members including the players rushed outside in the open area. Some of them wasn't even able to wear their shirts.  

"I was brushing my teeth at that time and I felt the room suddenly shaking. It was like a sound of an aircraft passing by. It was only later that I realised it was an earthquake." Ma Lin said.

"I was eating at the time the earthquake struck and then I saw everyone was running to go out really fast. There was four or five floors above us. Nothing is more important than life." Xu Xin exclaimed.

"I never expected that the earthquake was 7 magnitude. Fortunately, we only had the aftershocks. Right now, I am really worried for the affected residents of Ya'an. I hope that they will remain strong as life can sometimes be short so we must always live life to the fullest. Being alive is the greatest happiness." Xu Xin added. 

Over the weekend, all the members of the Chinese Team have already expressed their concern for Ya'an. They are all hoping for Ya'an's quick recovery from the tragedy. Wang Hao's fans have also started getting donations for the affected citizens. 

Just before the Beijing Olympics, Sichuan was also struck with a big earthquake. It was known as the Great Sichuan Earthquake where the magnitude 8 quake left almost 70,000 people dead. The epicentre was in Wenchuan. 

Chinese Men's Team affected with earthquake
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