Emil Santos Wins The 2013 National Collegiate Tt Championships (Video)

Emil Santos Wins The 2013 National Collegiate TT Championships (Video)
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Passion is always the key to any success and this is what the American college students displayed in the recently concluded 2013 National Collegiate Table Tennis Association League held last weekend in Illinois. After three days of competition, the Texas Wesleyan stood as the biggest winner grabbing three championship titles. 


NCTTA. While the best Asian players battled it out for the 2013 Asian Cup last weekend, the young American passionates also showed what they got in the field of table tennis as they had their 2013 College Table Tennis National Championships. 

Last April 12 to 14 in Rockford, Illinois, hundreds of college students from all over the United States gathered for one common purpose and that is table tennis. 

Intercollegiate table tennis tournaments can be traced since the early time of 1930's. At that time, it was the University of Pennsylvania who won the first championship title. However, it was only in 1992 where a collegiate table tennis league was born. 

It all started with the establishment of the League of Northeast Intercollegiate Table Tennis or LNITT. With the efforts of active leaders Nelson Chin of Boston University and Thomas Hu of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the league was expanded across the country. 

After seven years, the LNITT was changed to NCTTA also known as the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association reflecting the wider scope of the competition. 

Last week, the NCTTA League had their 2012-2013 season in Rockford Illinois with Texas Wesleyan as the biggest winner in the competition.

The winner in the Men's Singles was Emil Santos from Texas Wesleyan after defeating schoolmate Zhedi Bai. Meanwhile, Zheng Jiaqi of the Northwestern Polytechnic ruled in the Women's Singles beating Brana Vlasic of UC San Diego. 

In the Team competition, Texas Wesleyan got the women's title followed by Ottawa as the runner up. For the Coed division, Texas Wesleyan maintained their strength and also stood victorious at the end beating Mississippi Colle in the finals. 

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Team Finals of the 2013 NCTTA

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