Ettu President Stefano Bosi Goes For Ittf Presidency!

ETTU President Stefano Bosi goes for ITTF Presidency!
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Mr. Adham Sharara has competition for the ITTF Presidency. Stefano Bosi, current ETTU President, announced his candidature during the official presentation of the 2013 European Championships at the Werner Schlager Academy. Besides the announcement of his candidature, Bosi criticised the lack of transparency and the strategy of ITTF to help continents to improve their level.


Italian Stefano Bosi, current President of the European Table Tennis Union, announced his candidature for the ITTF Presidency during the official presentation of the 2013 European Championships at the Werner Schlager Academy. The announcement took by surprise all people in the ceremony. 

During his speech, the ETTU President criticised ITTF management under Adham Sharara's, who goes for the reelection, leadership arguing that having everything under its control has prejudiced the development of continents such as America, Oceania and Africa. Besides, Bosi expressed that there is no transparency inside the International Federation. 

Here is some part of Stefano Bosi's speech cortesy of ETTU's web page: "A huge part of table tennis family, including myself of course, disagrees current ITTF strategy to centralize everything and reduce the autonomy of Continents further. This system generated serious problems even in terms of financial fair-play: we got the evidence of some serious infringements happened”.

He added: "There’s no transparency inside our International Federation nowadays. We would like ITTF, one of biggest International Sport Associations in the world with 217 affiliated countries, moving back to a great sport community, rather than a business district”.

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