European Table Tennis Players Are Amateurs

European Table Tennis Players Are Amateurs
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Europe has once ruled table tennis in the international scene but through the years, the domination over the sport slowly shifted towards the Chinese players. Until present, the Chinese Team is always the team to beat in competitions. According to Chinese-born Polish table tennis player Wang Zengyi, China has a systematic training which is impossible to adapt in Europe. In addition, he describes European players as amateurs compared to their Chinese counterparts. 


Huashang Daily. Europe has dominated the world table tennis in its early years but things started to change after China came in the picture. Since then, the Chinese Team has maintained their supremacy and established themselves as the team to beat. 

The Chinese Team normally have two kinds of training in one day. If they will have three in a day, it will still not be surprising. In preparing for big competitions, the team can have up to four trainings in one day. This is how serious the Chinese Team is when it comes to training. 

One of the main players of the Polish National Team, Wang Zengyi is a former player of Xiamen. Currently, Wang Zengyi is also preparing for the 2013 World Championships representing of course Poland. 

Wang Zengyi told the reporters that the number of people playing table tennis in Poland has increased ever since he arrived in 2004. Moreover, the Polish Table Tennis League is considered to be a big league in Europe, ranking after France and Germany. Aside from local players, there is also a lot of foreign players from Czech Republic and India who come to play in the Polish League. 

It is quite noticeable that the Chinese team does not have a strong lineup for the upcoming World Championships Men's Doubles. The reason behind this could be that the Chinese Team actually wants to give more opportunities to other countries for a gold medal

However, Wang Zengyi believes that although the Chinese Team said that they don't have a powerful lineup in the Doubles, the lineup of the Chinese Team is always the strongest in the eyes of the Europeans. 

"All the European Teams are already in training in order to achieve good grades in the World Championships. However, it is always the Chinese players who get the championship titles and it could certainly be a kind of resistance to the development of table tennis." Wang Zengyi said. 

"The training of the Chinese Team is very systematic. In Europe, it is not possible. In contrast, we are too amateur." He added. 

In order to catch up with the level of the Chinese athletes, foreign players like Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov would want to have the opportunity to train and play with them thus participating in the upcoming season of the Chinese Super League. 

"In order for players from other countries to catch up with the Chinese Team, they must train like the Chinese or hire Chinese coaches. We must learn from them in detail." Wang Zengyi concluded. 

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