Japan Hopes To Win In The World Championships (Photos)

Japan Hopes To Win In The World Championships (Photos)
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After posting a stunning performance in the 2012 London Olympics Women's Team event, the Japanese Women's Team has gained a lot of optimism for the upcoming 2013 World Championships in Paris. In their media briefing held yesterday, the team expressed their goal to beat the Chinese Team. In addition, the team's new pet name was launched as "Table Tennis Nippon." 


Global News. Yesterday, April 23, the Japanese delegates for the upcoming 2013 World Championships attended a press conference held in Tokyo. During the event, the Japanese delegates all showed a high degree of optimism especially against the Chinese Team.  

The Japanese Women's Team stunned everyone in the 2012 London Olympics after they defeated the Singaporean Team in an impressive score of 3-0 in the semifinals of the Women's Team event. Eventually they were one step closer to the tile as they reached the finals. However, against the Chinese Team, their hopes for the gold ended and settled with silver. 

This year, just 19 days from the 2013 World Championships in Paris, the Japanese Women's Team might just want more. "We want to beat the Chinese Team!" Coach Christine Murakami said in a press conference held in Tokyo yesterday, April 23. 

"I hope I will be able to compete one-on-one with the Chinese players." Ai Fukuhara said, being the most experienced player within the team. 

Aside from Fukuhara, the fourth placer in the 2012 London Olympics Women's Singles, Kasumi Ishikawa has higher goals than her teammate. "My goal is to win a medal in all three events (Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles). If you cannot win a match against a Chinese player, then it is impossible to win a medal." 

In addition, a new pet name of the Japanese Table Tennis Team was launched: "Table Tennis Nippon." Before the 70's, the Japanese Table Tennis Team has been very powerful in the international scene and was winning titles. However, through the years, the team's brilliance gradually declined. 

"In recent years, a number of young Japanese players have started to make remarkable achievements in the international arena. Our new pet name express that we are looking forward to the revival of the Japanese Kingdom in table tennis."

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Japanese Team In Their Press Conference

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