Liu Shiwen Aims To Be Undefeated Against Foreign Players In Paris (Video)

Liu Shiwen Aims To Be Undefeated Against Foreign Players In Paris (Video)
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Liu Shiwen successfully defended her championship title in the 2013 Asian Cup after she defeated her teammate Wu Yang in the Women's Singles finals last weekend in Hong Kong. In her interview, Liu Shiwen expressed her happiness from winning and at the same time for the opportunity to be in Hong Kong. Aside from her victory, Liu Shiwen also revealed her goals in the upcoming 2013 World Championships in Paris. 


Tencent Sports. The 2013 Asian Cup ended last weekend in Hong Kong with Liu Shiwen as the winner in the Women's Singles after she defeated her teammate Wu Yang. This is already Liu Shiwen's third Asian Cup title. 

Liu Shiwen vs Wu Yang 2013 Asian Cup WS Finals
video kindly shared by TTJanus

Aside from the pride of winning the Asian Cup, Liu Shiwen also received a bonus amounting to 50,000 US dollars

"I have already participated in a lot of Asian Cup tournaments but this is the first time that it was held in Hong Kong so I am very happy. I particularly like Hong Kong. It is the fashion capital and there are a lot of good things to eat." Liu Shiwen said, emphasising that she really likes drinking milk tea and eating curry fish balls in Hong Kong. 

At the end of the Asian Cup, Liu Shiwen, together with the rest of the Chinese Women's Team will continue their Closed Training in Zhongshan in the final preparation for the World Championships. 

"We will still have approximately ten days in the Closed Training so I still need to strengthen my physical fitness and refinement. There have been a lot of games recently and it has an impact on my systematic training. in addition, there are also injuries that I need to fully recover before the competition." Liu Shiwen said. 

Lastly, the Asian Cup winner revealed her goal in Paris. "My first goal in the World Championships is not to lose against foreigners. I will do my best in the competition. Everyone wants to win the title and so am I." Liu Shiwen concluded. 

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