Liu Shiwen Injured! (Video)

Liu Shiwen Injured! (Video)
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Liu Shiwen is a leading name in women's table tennis as she is certainly a force to reckon with in any competition. Now that she will be participating in the upcoming 2013 World Championships, everyone is just expecting a great fight from her. However, such expectation might be difficult to meet as she just incurred an injury last weekend. 


Tencent Sports. Last April 26 and 27, the Chinese Team, both man and women gathered in Zhongshan for the Warm-Up Match to prepare the delegation for the 2013 World Championships. Unfortunately, Liu Shiwen was injured. 

In the first day of the Chinese Team's Warm-Up Match, the partnership of Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning was defeated by Feng Yalan and Rao Jingwen in a close encounter of 2-3. During their match, Liu Shiwen incurred a wrist injury and was forced to withdrew from the competition. 

Ding Ning/Liu Shiwen vs Feng Yalan/Rao Jingwen 2013 WTTC Warm-Up Match
video kindly shared by tudou

"I went to the hospital and had an MRI after the injury. They find it not so optimistic. If it will continue until the world championships, I will just need two injections." Liu Shiwen revealed. 

"The Closed Training is a form of competition for training so the time for systematic training is relatively short. Now that I am injured, I feel more anxious." Liu Shiwen added. 

Liu Shiwen's smooth sailing career was stopped after she lost two points in the 2010 World Team Championships in Moscow. Such loss made a deep impact not only to her but to everyone. Now, as everyone is starting anew, Liu Shiwen is just hoping that she can achieve a breakthrough in Paris. 

"It depends on the attitude towards adjustment. I was able to experience success in the last Olympic cycle and at the same time, the unsuccessful Olympic failure. This year is the first year of a new cycle. I just hope that through the World Championships, I would be able to find a firm conviction. This process will not be as smooth as imagined. I still want to have a breakthrough." Liu Shiwen concluded. 

Liu Shiwen's highest achievement in the World Championships is a bronze medal which she clinched in both the 2009 and 2011 seasons. 

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