Ma Lin Has The Outstanding Trait Of An Olympic Champion (Video)

Ma Lin Has The Outstanding Trait Of An Olympic Champion (Video)
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Fierce competition is the price every Chinese player has to pay just to be in the strongest table tennis team in the world and the 2008 Olympic champion Ma Lin can certainly attest to that. It can be said that Ma Lin, after a year has already moved on from his sorrow in the 2012 London Olympics. In a speech made by his coach Wu Jingping late last year, he pointed out that Ma lin has passed the true test of being an Olympic champion. 


PingPang World. After the Beijing Olympics, Ma Lin immediately started his preparation for the London Olympics and overcoming the enormous change of the inorganic glue gave him so much difficulty technically. Despite difficulties, Ma Lin continued to adhere with the tasks and just to be able to participate in the London  Olympics. 

Ma Lin vs Wang Hao 2008 Olympic MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

"It is worth noting that Ma Lin's great efforts were seen in the 2010 Moscow World Team Championships. In a threatening situation against Germany in the finals, Ma Lin was able to score two points which led to the overall victory of the Chinese Men's Team." Wu Jingping said. 

However, his efforts could not withstand the continuous progress of the younger players like Zhang Jike and Ma Long. This eventually made his participation in London at risk. When head coach Liu Guoliang announced who got to complete the men's lineup for the Olympics, Ma Lin was disheartened. 

The fierce competition within the team was one cruel reality that Ma Lin had to face staying in the world's strongest table tennis team. Ma Long was selected to join Zhang Jike and Wang Hao into the Olympics. 

Despite having a disheartened heart, Ma Lin never gave up on table tennis. "In the Closed Training before the big game in London, Ma Lin willingly volunteered to be a sparring partner of the Olympic delegates. When the team went to Leeds for their final adjustment phase, Ma Lin took the initiative to help the team as a sparring partner and in charge with the procurement together with Chen Qi and Qiu Yike." Wu Jingping added. 

If you come to think of it, the reigning Olympic champion at that time came to London not to be the star of the game but only as a supporting act.

"Ma Lin placed his own status in the sport aside and placed China's pride as top priority. Ma Lin willingly offered himself for the team providing his service and experience. This truly reflects the outstanding trait of an Olympic champion and his high degree of patriotism which all players can learn and respect." Wu Jingping concluded. 

"The interest of the motherland is above everything else. As long as our team will win, it is already our victory. I will always give my everything for the team. Keep it up brothers!" This was the message Ma Lin posted in his Weibo account after knowing he can't participate in London. 


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