Ma Lin: I Am Not Thinking Of Winning The World Championships (Videos)

Ma Lin: I Am Not Thinking Of Winning The World Championships (Videos)
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Being an Olympic champion and a World Cup champion, Ma Lin is just one step away to completing his Grand Slam dream and the upcoming World Championships could be his one last precious chance. In his interview during the Warm-Up match in Zhongshan, the veteran admitted that the completing his Grand Slam dream is not important anymore and that he is just looking forward to enjoying the competition. 


Tencent Sports. The Chinese Team was in action last weekend in Zhongshan as they have their Warm-Up Match in preparation for the 2013 World Championships in Paris. During the competition, the media had an opportunity to interview the Olympic champion Ma Lin. 

During the Warm-Up Match last weekend in Zhongshan, the Olympic champion Ma Lin had a rough start as he experience the impact from younger players. In his opening match, Ma Lin lost from the sweeping power of the young rookie Zhou Yu. 

After which, Ma Lin was able to redeem himself and won his match against Xu Chenhao in six sets. In the second day of proceedings, Ma Lin continued his success as he won over Fang Bo in 4-2. 

"My state is a lot better than the start. I have a better sense of the tempo. Because of an injury before the Closed Training, I wasn't able to have a systematic training. In addition, there were no tasks for big competitions after the Olympic Games. After the warm-up match, my state has been adjusted to its optimum." Ma Lin explained.

With such being said, everyone is wondering what could be the goal of Ma Lin in the upcoming World Championships. 

"Actually, I do not think too much. As of now, completing the Grand Slam or not is not important for me. Getting the world championship title will also not give a big change in my life. For now, I just want to enjoy the game." Ma Lin concluded. 

Ma Lin has been in the finals of the World Championships thrice but has settled for the silver in all of those occasions.  

Ma Lin vs Liu Guoliang 1999 WTTC MS Finals
video kindly shared by TheThomas37300

Ma Lin vs Wang Liqin 2005 WTTC MS Finals
video kindly shared by TTspring77

Ma Lin vs Wang Liqin 2007 WTTC MS Finals
video kindly shared by ttCountenance

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