Ma Long Is Now Warmed-Up For Paris (Videos)

Ma Long Is Now Warmed-Up For Paris (Videos)
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Finishing as the runner up in both the Singles and the Doubles, Ma Long's performance in the 2013 Korean Open is considered by the Chinese Team's head coach Liu Guoliang as normal. For the coach, Ma Long has achieved the warm-up he needed for the 2013 World Championships. However, he stressed that Ma Long still needs to prepare fully and reserves strength for the bigger competitions ahead. 


Sohu Sports. Ma Long completed the 2013 Korean Open as the runner up in the Singles and in the Doubles. Although he did not win any titles, Liu Guoliang seemed to be satisfied with his performance and considers it as normal. 

In connection to the implementation of the transnational pairing, Ma Long was partnered with the South Korean Lee Jung Woo for the Men's Doubles. Together they were successful in every round and reached the finals against Zhang Jike and Seo Hyun Deok. Both pairs were strong in their battle but it was the top seeds who sealed the match with victory. 

Ma Long/Lee Jung Woo vs Zhang Jike/Seo Hyun Deok 2013 Korean Open
video kindly shared by ttlondon2012

After the Doubles, Ma Long embarked on another final match in this time in the Singles where he faced his teammate Xu Xin. In prior matches, Ma Long has maintained a remarkable track record despite some obvious challenges encountered. 

However, this time, Xu Xin has finally made his mark and posted his victory against Ma Long in the most convincing manner possible. At the end, Ma Long settled for the runner up. 

Ma Long vs Xu Xin 2013 Korean Open MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770


As for the head coach of the Chinese Team. Liu Guoliang thinks that his disciple has played just right in the whole process of the competition. However, he stressed briefly that Ma Long still needs to prepare and conserve strength for the upcoming world competition. 

"Ma Long already has his warm-up. Speaking for him, the most important thing as of now is for him to find the right momentum of the game. He needs to prepare fully in the Closed Training and reserve his strength for the Paris World Championships." Liu Guoliang said briefly. 

Meanwhile, as for the winner of the title, Liu Guoliang saw the results and changes from Xu Xin. He pointed out the increasing confidence in Xu Xin, 

"In our final match against Chinese Taipei in the World Team Cup and the 2013 Korean Open, Xu Xin has showed a good conclusion. I feel that the more he plays, the more his confidence gets stronger." Liu Guoliang added. 

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