Ma Long & Xu Xin Are The Hope Of Qin Zhijian In The Rio Olympics (Videos)

Ma Long & Xu Xin Are The Hope Of Qin Zhijian In The Rio Olympics (Videos)
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The achievement of the player is always the achievement of the coach as well. As Ma Long posted success in the London Olympics, Qin Zhijian also achieved his first Olympic experience. Recalling such happening in his career, Qin Zhijian is very grateful for the trust given to him. Having two brilliant players Ma Long and Xu Xin, Qin Zhijian's Olympic experience will certainly not end in London. 


PingPang World. As the personal coach of Ma Long, coach Qin Zhijian was able to experience the Olympic Village first hand in the 2012 London Olympics. For him, it was such a growing experience. 

Due to his impressive winning streak from 2011 to 2012, Ma Long was certainly a force to reckon with for the position of the Olympic third person. Indeed, he was selected by the coaching staff at the end. It was not only an achievement for Ma Long but for Qin Zhijian as well. 

"It was my first time to enter the Olympic Village as a coach. I was both nervous and excited and at the same time, worried and calm. I was nervous because I should bring the players to the completion of the task. I was excited to have the opportunity to visit the Olympic stadium. I was worried what to do if I fail in the task. I was calm because I believe we are the best team in the world." Qin Zhijian started. 

Since Ma Long was the third person of the team, his task was mainly in the Team events. So compared to Wang Hao and Zhang Jike, the amount of pressure on both Ma Long and Qin Zhijian was tolerable. Throughout the competition, Ma Long only posted one defeat and that was in the Doubles with Wang Hao in the opening battle. The rest of his matches, Ma Long contributed points to the overall victory of the team. 

"Recalling everything that happened in the Olympic Games, it was such a growing experience." Ma Long added. 

Qin Zhijian's Olympic journey doesn't end in London. Now that the team is preparing for the next Olympic Games in Rio, Qin Zhijian has two players to guide and they are Ma Long and Xu Xin, These two are believed to complete the Chinese Trio along with the reigning Olympic champion and Grand Slam winner Zhang Jike. 

Ma Long vsTimo Boll 2012 World Cup MS Finals
video kindly shared by TTJanus

Xu Xin vs Yan An 2013 Asian Cup MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Having two brilliant players in the forefront of the Chinese Team, Qin Zhijian's comeback in the Olympic Stadium is inevitable and he just thankful for the trust the team has given him. 

"I would just like to thank Cai Zhenhua and the other leaders of the team for believing in me. I am grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Olympics. I would also like to thank Huang Biao for always reminding and guiding me." Qin Zhijian concluded. 

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