Ryu Seungmin Out Of Paris 2013!

Ryu Seungmin out of Paris 2013!
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Ryu Seungmin won't compete in the 2013 World Championships to be held in Paris. The former Olympic champion isn't in the Korean line-up published by ITTF. Other important absences in the Korean team are Oh Sangeun and the defensive player Kim Kyunah. It seems that South Korea is looking for a new generation. 

Ryu Seungmin is one of the biggest absent of the upcoming 2013 World Championships to be held in May. The former Olympic champion isn't in the list of Korean players who will participate in Paris. But Ryu isn't the only important Korean absent in this tournamnet, because Oh Sangeun, Park Miyoung and Kim Kyungah won't be there either. 

However, their absences aren't a big surprise, because South Korea started working on a new generation after London 2012. The 2013 World Team Classic was the first test for the new Korean generation. The men team made up by Seo Hyundeok, Lee Sangsu and Jung Youngsik fell against Austria in the group phase and lost to China in quarterfinals. The women team made up by Yang Haeun, Park Youngsook and Yang Haeun suffered the same fate as well. They were defeated by Hong Kong in the group phase and by Japan in quarterfinals. 

The Korean line-up for the men competition is: Jung Yooungsik, Kim Kyungmin, Hwang Minha, Cho Eonrae, Lee Sangsu, Kim Minseok, and Seo Hyundeok. Korea will be represented by Yoo Eunchong, Jo Yujin, Seo Hyowon, Yang Haeun, Seok Hajung, Park Youngsook, and Park Seonghye. 

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