Sharara Appreciates Liu Guoliang's Initiatives

Sharara Appreciates Liu Guoliang's Initiatives
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The 2013 Korean Open will be the first ever World Tour competition where the Chinese players, on a larger scale will be partnering with players from other teams for the Doubles. This project is in connection with the ongoing efforts of the Chinese Team's head coach Liu Guoliang to further develop table tennis in the international scene. With this, ITTF President Adham Sharara is very pleased with his initiative. 


Beijing Times. The 2013 Korean Open will be a milestone in the history of World Tournaments after all Chinese players have paired up with foreign athletes for the Doubles. This is believed to help develop table tennis further and with this, Adham Sharara feels very pleased. 

The Men's Doubles of the ongoing 2013 Korean Open will be having a different scene in Incheon. This is because all Chinese players Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Wang Hao, Xu Xin, and Ma Lin will be playing with a foreign partner.  

"This is the first time that we will be paring with a foreign player. This invitation is open to all players from other countries and is not limited to just the strong teams. We hope everyone will have a chance. I believe that this will be helpful to the development of table tennis." Liu Guoliang said. 

As the President of the ITTF, Adham Sharara has expressed his support to such idea. He believes that the initiative of the Chinese Team in promoting the sport is a very positive step in the development of the sport much further. 

"The invitation of the Chinese Team is very much welcomed. This is really a great idea. This can make the World Tour competitions much more exciting." Sharara said. 

Whether this idea will continue to be implemented in the future international competitions, the ITTF is yet to discuss such matter during the Paris World Championships. 

Here are their pairings for the 2013 Korean Open Men's Doubles: 

Zhang Jike with Seo Hyun Deok 

Ma Long with Lee Jung Woo 

Wang Hao with Jung Young Sik 

Xu Xin with Adrien Mattenet 

Ma Lin with Cho Eon Rae 

All of these partnerships are on the seeding lists and they will go directly to the main draw. Their first round will take place tomorrow, April 5.  

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