Sharara's Defense To Bosi's Accusations (File)

Sharara's Defense To Bosi's Accusations (File)
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Finally, just yesterday, Sharara has issued his official statement against the allegations of the ETTU President Stefano Bosi. In his statement, Sharara pointed out the probable malicious motive of Bosi for exposing such allegations. In addition, Sharara cleared his name and revealed that he is seeking legal advise regarding the matter. Lastly, Sharara stressed that he will still continue to run for re-election this May. 


ITTF. April 28, the International Table Tennis Federation or ITTF President Adham Sharara issued his official statement against the accusations of the ETTU President Stefano Bosi. 

The current President of the ITTF is under great controversy after the allegations of Stefano Bosi broke out to the media. According to the ETTU President and Sharara's rival in the election for the ITTF presidency, Sharara has been in serious violations during his term in the ITTF. 

To clear his name against malicious allegations from Bosi, Sharara has tried to respond to the allegations. But yesterday, April 28, the iTTF president issued his official statement (click here for the file). 

First, Sharara pointed out the hidden motives of Bosi. 

"Mr, Stefano Bosi is a candidate for the presidency of the ITTF so its natural for him to aspire to a higher office. It is very regrettable that Mr. Bosi has chosen to use public allegations, accusations and false information as an election platform, contrary to the high standards by which we have governed ourselves as a Federation." 

Second, Sharara expressly denied all allegations. 

"I totally dispute, deny and refute any and all accusations of any illegal or improper conduct in my actions over the entire period as ITTF president (1999-2013) and deputy-president (1995-1999)." 

Third, Sharara is "currently seeking legal opinion regarding the accusatory document, its content, context of submission and circulation, as a form of slander and defamation."

Lastly, Sharara emphasised that he is not bcking out on his campaign for ITTF presidency re-election.

"I resolutely remain a candidate for the ITTF president's position for 2013-2017. This will be my last term of office. I hope to win the great support of the member national associations of the ITTF who know me and my character well." 

Along with the official statement is also the statement coming from the law form representing ITTF. Click here for the file

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