The Chinese Transnational Pairings Donate Prize Money (Video)

The Chinese Transnational Pairings Donate Prize Money (Video)
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The players who were involved in the transnational pairing in the 2013 Korean Open did a great job after all semifinal places were occupied by them. In the end, the winning pairs earned a total of 6100 US dollars. This is where the initial problem lies as no one from both camps would accept the prize. At the end, both parties agreed to donate the whole amount to Chinese charitable institutions. 


Beijing News. The first ever transnational pairing of the Chinese players in the 2013 Korean Open was successful after all semifinal places were occupied by such partnerships. At the end of the competition, the pairing earned a total of 6100 USD. 

With the continuing efforts of the Chinese Team, being led by the head coach Liu Guoliang, to promote and develop table tennis much further, the ITTF implemented a transnational pairing involving the Chinese players. 

For the first time, Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Xu Xin, Wang Hao, Ma Lin and Yan An were not partnered with their teammates but instead to foreign players. 

In the course of the competition, all transnational pairs of the Chinese players stood strong amidst challenges. Zhang Jike / Seo Hyun Deok, Ma Long / Lee Jung Woo, Xu Xin / Adrien Mattenet, Yan An / Lee Sang Su were all semifinalists. 

In the finals, the top two seeds prevailed with Zhang Jike and Seo Hyun Deok taking the championship title. With this, the pairings earned a total of 6100 USD. After all the players have done their job, the problem now is how the two teams will divide the prize money. 

Zhang Jike/Seo Hyun Deok vs Ma Long/Lee Jung Woo 2013 Korean Open
video kindly shared by ttlondon2012

"In the airport on Monday, the president of the South Korean Table Tennis Association invited the Chinese Team for a meal and strongly suggested that the prize money from the transnational pairings be given to the Chinese players. Thinking of our great country, how can I accept such?!" Liu Guoliang revealed. 

In the morning of April 10, Liu Guoliang, in behalf of the players, proposed that the money be donated to South Korean charities. However, the South Korean Association answered to donate it to Chinese charitable institutions. 

At the end, the suggestion of the South Korean association prevailed. 

As of now, there is still no solid evidence if such transnational pairing of the Chinese players will continue to be implemented in future competitions.

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