The Warm-Up Match Was Meant To Be Hard (Video)

The Warm-Up Match Was Meant To Be Hard (Video)
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In preparation for the 2013 World Championships in Paris, the Chinese Team held their Warm-Up Match in Zhongshan last weekend. During the two-day competition, a lot of the main players experienced great challenge, including Zhang Jike, Ma Lin, Xu Xin, and Wang Hao. According to the head coach Liu Guoliang, the Warm-Up Match was meant to be hard so as to prepare the players for the fierce competition in Paris. 


Tencent Sports. The Chinese Team had their Warm-Up Match last weekend in Zhongshan where main players Zhang Jike, Xu Xin, Wang Hao, and Ma Lin all experienced great challenges from their opponents. 

The reigning World Champion Zhang Jike was tested in the competition losing two matches from a total of three. He lost to Wang Liqin and Hao Shuai. Meanwhile, Xu Xin lost in the second day against Zhou Yu, and Wang Hao was defeated by Hao Shuai. The Olympic champion and veteran was swept by Zhou Yu in the opening match. 

With this, head coach Liu Guoliang justified the results as the Warm-Up Match was supposed to be hard. 

"If the opponent is too weak, the players won't be able to find the right momentum of the game. As the competition is getting nearer, a lot of players have the anxiety especially the participants. Everyone just wants to have a good condition." Liu Guoliang started. 

"We did not play knockout this time. The main purpose of the event was to give an exercise to the players so the coaches were the ones who selected the most difficult opponents. There should be confrontation so as to bring out all playing styles." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Out of all the Singles delegates, it is only Ma Long and Yan An who survived ll their matches victoriously. 

Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong 2013 WTTC Warm-Up Match
video kindly shared by MrTheportal

After the Warm-Up Match, the Chinese Team is now back to Beijing for adjustment. On May 3, the whole delegation will embark for their week-long adaptive training in Austria. The delegation will be in Paris on May 10 and have their final preparations for the World Championships which will start on May 13.  

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