Tiago Apolonia Leaves Ochsenhausen!

Tiago Apolonia leaves Ochsenhausen!
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After years of success in Ochsenhausen, Tiago Apolonia leaves the club but he stays in the Bundesliga. Apolonia's new club is Saabrücken. The Portuguese player will arrive there to replace his compatriot Joao Monteiro, whose new club isn't known yet. However, Apolonia's transfer hasn't been officially announced yet, because he is still competing for Ochsenhausen.

The German club Saabrücken of Bastian Steger has published on its web site that Tiago Apolonia is its new player for the next season. Therefore, Apolonia leaves Ochsenhausen and will arrive in Saarbrücken to replace his compatriot Joao Monteiro. 

The Portuguese player had successful seasons in Ochsenhausen since 2008 but he couldn't keep that level after his knee injury suffered in early 2012. Then Apolonia was gradually losing a place in the team after Ryu Seungmin's arrival and good performances of Kirill Skachkov and Liam Pitchford.  

People in Saabrücken are happy with Apolonia's arrival, because he was the first candidate to replace Monteiro, who apparently didn't want to continue in the club. However, Apolonia still have duties with Ochsenhausen. They are still competing in the Bundesliga and are a step closer to the final after beating Saarbrücken by 3:0 in the first leg match.  

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