Wang Nan & Her Suicidal Tendency (Photos)

Wang Nan & Her Suicidal Tendency (Photos)
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Wang Nan is known to be one of the few female table tennis players who have really made a mark in the sport through her great efforts being translated to commendable achievements. In 2000, Wang Nan completed her Grand Slam dream but two years after her glorious day, Wang Nan found herself in the lowest point in her career. After losing in 2002 Busan Asian Games, Wang Nan revealed that she was so depressed that she thought about committing suicide. 


Sina Sports. The world of women's table tennis won't be the same without the presence of the Grand Slam champion Wang Nan. However, despite her numerous trophies and recognition, Wang Nan admitted that she also had her share of really depressing moments. 

Wang Nan started playing table tennis at the age of 7 and got into the Chinese National Team in year 1993. Ranking in the world at the fifth spot in 1996, Wang Nan was able to uphold her standings through the succeeding years and occupied the top spot from 1999 to 2001. She was the hottest player in the women's table tennis at that time. 

However, every player does not only have happy times as Wang Nan also has her share of depressing moments. During the 2002 Busan Asian Games, Wang Nan's defeat led her to her lowest point in her life. Recalling her painful experiences as an athlete, Wang Nan admitted that she actually had the idea of taking her life. 

"It was a heartbreaking feeling. Now, looking back, it is just a game but at that time when I was still in Busan, I thought of jumping from the third floor." Wang Nan revealed with an embarrassed smile. 

In 2004 Athens Olympics, she lost to Singapore's Li Jiawei in the first round and wasn't able to reach the finals. Wang Nan was again devastated. 

"I did not expect. Everyone was particularly friendly when I was posting good results but when I lost, some people began to think I want to retire. For six months, I was asking why I lost every day." Wang Nan added. 

Four years after, Wang Nan found her opportunity to redeem herself and reached the finals of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Women's Singles. Although she lost to Zhang Yining, such performance is already enough to say that she was still a brilliant table tennis player. 

Wang Nan retired after the Beijing Olympics and is now happy with her family being a mother of her son. This just shows that every athlete goes through ups and downs and these downs are not the end of everything. What is important was that Wang Nan was able to move on and made the best out of herself. 

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