Xu Xin Attaches Importance From Winning Over Ma Long (Videos)

Xu Xin Attaches Importance From Winning Over Ma Long (Videos)
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Xu Xin did a wonderful job in the recently concluded 2013 Korean Open after clinching the Men's Singles championship title. For Xu Xin, the title is not that important but the experience of winning over the formidable Ma Long is the greater achievement. After the match, Xu Xin revealed that his goal is still to win the 2013 World Championships in Paris and his victory over Ma Long has given him the needed confidence. 


Sohu Sports. The 2013 Korean Open ended with Xu Xin pulling off a convincing victory against Ma Long in the finals, clinching this season's Men's Singles championship title. 

Xu Xn vs Ma Long 2013 Korean Open MS finals
video kindly shared by janus770

After the match, Xu Xin admitted that the championship title itself is not that important. "It's not really important as it is only just an Open tournament. I feel that my goal is still the Paris World Championships and I am thinking more of this aspect." Xu Xin revealed. 

However, Xu Xin added that the process of winning the title was the greater gain for him as he earned the confidence to face the formidable Ma Long. "On the other hand, it is also important for the record. Ma Long is usually the hardest player to play against in the Chinese Team. Winning is just one aspect. What is more critical is having a better adjustment. Unlike before, there were some hitches in my confidence after I lost a lot." Xu Xin said. 

While Xu Xin stood victorious in the Singles event, his performance in the Doubles together with French Adrien Mattenet only led him until the semifinals. "I feel I got to gain a lot from the Singles but there are problems in the Doubles. Because there are no coaches and translators during our match against a Chinese-Korean pair, I only have simple communication with Mattenet." Xu Xin concluded. 

Xu Xin/Adrien Mattenet vs Zhang Jike/Seo Hyun Deok 2013 Korean Open
video kindly shared by ttlondon2012

Lastly, Liu Guoliang added that Xu Xin's gains would help him in his future development but he will still need more tests in world competitions. 

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