Xu Xin Struggled Against Yan An In The Asian Cup (Videos)

Xu Xin Struggled Against Yan An In The Asian Cup (Videos)
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Xu Xin, the winner of the recently concluded 2013 Asian Cup finally overcame his nemesis Yan An in the Men's Singles finals last weekend. In the very recent season of the Chinese Super League, Xu Xin had a lot of trouble in facing the younger Yan An where he never won in all their encounters. In his interview after the game, Xu Xin admitted that he indeed struggled against Yan An. Although fortunately he was able to win the match, he knows that there are things he still must look into. 


Tencent Sports. After winning the 2013 Korean Open, Xu Xin overcame his younger teammate Yan An in this year's Asian Cup finals in Hong Kong last weekend, winning the championship title for the second consecutive time.  

The final match of the 2013 Asian Cup Men's Singles boiled down to Xu Xin and Yan An. Although it was an all-Chinese affair, intensity was not compromised as these two players are fighters in the arena. 

Xu Xin vs Yan An 2013 Asian Cup MS Finals
video kindly shared by TTJanus

In a detailed look on their recent encounters, you would discover that Xu Xin has been in trouble against the promising rookie of the Chinese Team. In the 2012-13 Chinese Super League. Yan An has maintained his strength and never lost a match in all their encounters including the finals. 

Xu Xin vs Yan An 2012/13 Chinese Super League Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Xu Xin vs Yan An 2012/13 Chinese Super League R14
video kindly shared by janus770

With this, Xu Xin was aware of what kind of match was waiting for him last weekend in Hong Kong.. Although their battles did not reach a decider, every set was like torture for both players as none of them gave up. 

"Perhaps, everyone who was watching the game would feel that it was a comfortable match and that both me and Yan An played okay. But honestly, we were both struggling in the arena. There was intensity. Lagging behind was really torture." Xu Xin revealed in an interview after the match. 

Since Xu Xin came into the arena prepared for what's going to happen, he finally overcame his nemesis and successfully won his second consecutive Asian Cup Men's Singles title. 

"Winning the match was certainly excellent but I think there were areas that I still need to look unto after." Xu Xin concluded.  

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