Xu Xin & Yan An Displayed High Quality Table Tennis (Video)

Xu Xin & Yan An Displayed High Quality Table Tennis (Video)
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The 2013 Asian Cup held in Hong Kong last week couldn't have been more successful if not for the efforts of CCTV. In addition to broadcasting the matches, they also provided commentaries done by former table tennis player, Yang Ying. According to her, the finals between Xu Xin and Yan An depicted high quality and level of table tennis. With this, she believes that these two players will actually made a mark in the Chinese Table Tennis Team very soon.


Sina Sports. The 2013 Asian Cup Men's Singles ended with Xu Xin and Yan An in the finals. According to former Chinese table tennis player and is now a CCTV commentator, Yang Ying, the final battle depicted high quality table tennis. 

Xu Xin vs Yan An 2013 Asian Cup MS Finals
video kindly shared by TTJanus

"This Men's Singles finals really has high quality and level. It represents the highest level of battle in today's men's table tennis." Yang Ying said. 

"As a penhold player, Xu Xin has a lot to consider from the match including his service and receives. Xu Xin's speed has increased recently and stayed closer to the table this time." Yang Ying explained, pointing out Xu Xin's features in the battle. 

Meanwhile, the former table tennis player also did not forget to recognise the challenger Yan An: "Yan An's forehand is lethal but still needs to be strengthened. His receives are of a disadvantage." 

Now that Ma Lin and Wang Hao are slowly fading away and with their performances in recent competitions, Xu Xin and even Yan An have successfully established a stable position within the Chinese Team. 

"The era of the new Three Musketeers of the Chinese Team has arrived. Xu Xin undoubtedly had placed his foot firmly in the third person position next to Zhang Jike and Ma Long. Meanwhile, Yan An could be the dark horse as he can successfully challenge these three big names. Actually, in domestic competitions, Yan An has a better record than Xu Xin. He just needs more experience." Yang Ying concluded. 

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