Zhang Jike Accepts Defeat In The Korean Open (Video)

Zhang Jike Accepts Defeat In The Korean Open (Video)
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The Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike mad egis presence felt in the recently concluded 2013 Korean Open after he suffered a painful defeat against teammate Yan An in the Round 16 of the Men's Singles. After the match, Zhang Jike admitted that he doesn't have any special to say about his defeat. He said that what he needs to do is to accept it and be thankful that it did not happen in the World Championships. 


Sohu Sports. Zhang Jike made it to the headlines once again after he recorded his fourth defeat for this year. In the recently concluded 2013 Korean Open, Zhang Jike was defeated by teammate Yan An in a full stretch match. 

Last Saturday, April 6, Zhang Jike faced his teammate Yan An in the Round 16 of the Men's Singles. Zhang Jike actually did well in the start of the match and was able to post a 3-1 lead. However, he wasted his opportunities after Yan An levelled in 3-3. In the decider, Zhang Jike had another chance as he led in 10-5. But it wasn't him who progressed into the next round after Yan An overtook him to the finish line. 

After the match, Zhang Jike had not much special to say about his defeat. "There is not much complex emotions in me right now. It's just the normal mindset of facing defeat." Zhang Jike said in an interview. He admitted that seeing the problem at the Korean Open was better than having it during the World Championships. 

In addition, Zhang Jike also admitted that he himself also wanted to win. "I also do not want to be in such situation, maybe because there are some uncertain factors." Zhang Jike added. 

While Zhang Jike had an unsuccessful journey in the Singles, he on the other hand did well in the Doubles with his South Korean partner Seo Hyun Deok. Together they defeated Ma Long and Lee Jung Woo. 

Zhang Jike/Seo Hyun Deok vs Ma Long/Lee Jung Woo 2013 Korean Open
video kindly shared by ttlondon2012

"First of all, my partnership with Seo Hyun Deok has both hands (right and left) so our positions are better. In addition, Seo Hyun Deok is one of the South Korean players who are strong in the Doubles." Zhang Jike said, pointing out their advantages. 

"The abilities of the Chinese players are still stronger than players from other countries as they play rather stiff. So we still need to guide them to make them feel relaxed. This will lead to a better performance and better understanding in the arena." Zhang Jike added. 

In addition to their advantages as a pair, Zhang Jike admitted that the transnational pair has given him more desire to win the Doubles. 

"If I play with a teammate, the degree of difficulty is lesser and we always play against each other in the finals. In addition, our desire to win the Doubles is not particularly strong. However, when we partner with other players, the desire to take the title is much stronger." Zhang Jike concluded. 

At the end of the competition, Zhang Jike posted a defeat in the Singles and a victory in the Doubles.  

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