Zhang Jike Doesn't Aim To Defend His Title In Paris Anymore

Zhang Jike Doesn't Aim To Defend His Title In Paris Anymore
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With his popularity, the reigning world champion Zhang Jike is the favourite player to win the title in the upcoming World Championships in Paris. This, at the same time, was the goal of Zhang Jike. However, during the Warm-Up Match of the Chinese Team in Zhongshan, Zhang Jike seemed to have a change of heart as he didn't mention about defending his title but just winning against foreigners. 


Tencent Sports. The Chinese National Team had their Warm-up Match in Zhongshan last weekend in preparation for the 2013 World Championships. During the two-day competition, the reigning world champion talked about his thoughts on the upcoming World Championships in Paris. 

Last weekend, April 26 and 27, the Chinese Team held their Warm-Up match in Zhongshan. This aims to further prepare their players for the upcoming World Championships in Paris. In this two-day competition, Zhang Jike still hasn't made the people at ease with his performance. 

In his opening match, Zhang Jike lost the first two sets against Zhang Chao before closing the match with 4-2.  

"I am very familiar with Zhang Chao. We are both members of the National Team and at the same time teammates in Shandong so we are well aware of each other's style. Although I have some advantages, I was still slow in entering into the right state. I was not able to adapt quickly. But slowly, I was able to calm down and find the right feeling for the game." Zhang Jike said. 

In the following day, Zhang Jike was scheduled to face the three-time world champion Wang Liqin and Hao Shuai. In both matches, Zhang Jike recorded a loss. This is in addition to his series of losses since the start of the year. 

Before, Zhang Jike has expressed that his goal in the upcoming World Championships is to defend his title. However, during the Warm-Up Match, Zhang Jike did not mention anything about defending the title. 

"I should not lose to foreigners." Defending champion Zhang Jike said for the upcoming World Championships. 

Could there be a change of heart considering his poor playing condition recently? 

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