Zhang Jike & Ma Long Concerned For The Earthquake Victims (Photos)

Zhang Jike & Ma Long Concerned For The Earthquake Victims (Photos)
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As part of the Chinese Table Tennis Team who experienced the earthquake that struck Sichuan last weekend, Zhang Jike and Ma Long extends their hopes and concerns to all the victims. The Grand Slam champion expressed his desire to offer assistance first hand while Ma Long is extending his support. Together with the rest of the Chinese Team, Zhang Jike and Ma Long are with Sichuan in this difficult time in their lives. 


Tencent Sports. The Closed Training was temporarily disrupted last Saturday after a terrible earthquake struck Ya'an, 100 kilometre from Chengdu. After experiencing the effects, Zhang Jike and Ma Long are very concerned for all victims. 

On the day of the earthquake itself, April 20, help in all sorts from all people have been pouring in. Apart from the help of fans of the Chinese table tennis team, the team itself has already pledged 300,000 RMB in addition to the prize money earned in the transnational pairings during the 2013 Korean Open. 

Aside from monetary help, the team is also very expressive in giving moral support and prayers to all the people living in the affected areas. 

The Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike would want to join in the assistance right in the very place. However, as an athlete, he cannot just decide for himself.  

"Today is the second day after the earthquake struck Sichuan. As an athlete I have no means to rush into the scene and be in the frontline to help them. However, I sincerely hope that all the victims are safe. All members of our team are praying for them. Jiayou!" Zhang Jike said. 

While Zhang Jike is very brave to intend rushing into the scene, Ma Long just expressed his worries for the victims and offer his support to all of them.

"There was an earthquake last Saturday and we experienced the disaster the earthquake has brought. The affected area has been continuously shown on the television and we always think about them. We are with them and accompany them throughout this most difficult time in their lives. I hope that they will hold on and stand up again. We are always with them." Ma Long said.

The Chinese Men's Team is still in Chengdu to continue their Closed Trainings in preparation for the 2013 World Championships.  

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Zhang Jike and Ma Long

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