Zhang Jike Not In The Mood For Training (Photos)

Zhang Jike Not In The Mood For Training (Photos)
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After more than a month of rigorous training, the Chinese Men's Team ended their Closed Training in Chengdu yesterday, April 23. In their last day, head coach Liu Guoliang implemented a pressured game among the players ensuring a stable service at all times. At the end, Wang Hao defeated Yan An in the final play-off. Meanwhile, Zhang Jike was clearly not in a good mood and did not pay attention to the pressured game.


Chengdu Business Daily. With just 19 days from the 2013 World Championships, the Chinese Men's Team has already ended their Closed Training which lasted more than one month. The team had their last training session yesterday and left this morning, April 24. 

As they had their last training session yesterday, April 23, head coach Liu Guoliang gave a special training on service on Ma Lin, Yan An, Wang Hao, and Xu Xin. There were nine service areas in the table and the players must direct their services to the area specified by Liu Guoliang. 

In the final play off, Wang Hao defeated Yan An and finished first. According to Liu Guoliang, the men's team always had this kind of training program. Each player pays a small amount of entry fee then the winner takes the prize money. At the same time, the teammates continue to give pressure so they can practice having a stable service despite pressure. 

During the training, almost all the players were paying attention to the service game. However, Zhang Jike was seen just sitting on a pingpong table. In this regard, Liu Guoliang explained. 

"Recently, Zhang Jike's condition is ordinary. Due to his losses, he is not in a very good mood. Before every big competitions, each player has his own way of adjusting. He has participated in a lot of big competitions, I believe that he can adjust quickly." Liu Guoliang said. 

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Chinese Men's Team Closed Training 2013 Chengdu

Photo source: Weibo Account of Li Wujun


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