Zhang Yining's Daughter Will Not Represent China In The Future

Zhang Yining's Daughter Will Not Represent China In The Future
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After her retiring from table tennis, the Grand Slam champion Zhang Yining was seen during the recently concluded 2013 Asian Cup held in Hong Kong. This gave the media an opportunity to interview the retired champion. Fortunately, Zhang Yining welcomed the media and answered questions about her family life , future plans and her daughter which included her announcement that her daughter will not represent China in the future. 


China News Net. After her official retirement from table tennis, Zhang Yining appeared before the public in the recently concluded 2013 Asian Cup. With an opportunity, Zhang Yining welcomed an interview. 

As one of the few female Grand Slam winners in table tennis, Zhang Yining formally announced her retirement last April of 2011. After which, she decided to enhance her English skills in America. A year after, Zhang Yining gave birth to her first born in Hong Kong

Since then, her focus has been her family. However last weekend, the retired table tennis champion appear before the public during the 2013 Asian Cup held in the Hong Kong. 

"My daughter is more than 1 year old. She has just learned how to walk so brining her is very tiring. However, compared to playing, table tennis is harder." Zhang Yining said. 

Zhang Yining is considered to be a very successful athlete so everyone is wondering if she will decide to become coach of the Hong Kong team. "At this stage, I still want to devote myself to caring for my daughter. Coaching will be more difficult." Zhang Yining answered. 

Lastly, Zhang Yining disclosed that she will not hinder her daughter to play table tennis if she wants to. However, if she decides to play, Zhang Yining will make her daughter represent the Hong Kong Team in international competitions. 

Why not China? 

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