Zhou Yu: Ma Lin Did Not Play Well

Zhou Yu: Ma Lin Did Not Play Well
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The Warm-Up Match of the Chinese Team last weekend in Zhongshan took place with a number of upsets recorded. In the opening day, the sweeping defeat of Ma Lin against the young rookie Zhou Yu was the biggest upset of the day. In an interview after the match, Zhou Yu remained humble and said that his victory was not because he played well but because Ma Lin played bad. 


Beijing News. Last April 26, the Chinese Team had their Warm-Up Match in preparation for the 2013 World Championships. In the opening day, an upset was immediately recorded as the 2008 Olympic champion Ma Lin was swept by Zhou Yu. 

The Beijing Olympic champion Ma Lin was not able to win his seat in the 2013 World Championships through the Squad Trials. Although fans voted for him to go directly to third stage, the competition was just very fierce for him. 

However, by the saving grace from the coaching staff, Ma Lin was able to earn his seat for Paris as he was selected to join Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Xu Xin, Wang Hao, and Yan An. 

In the recently concluded Warm-Up Match in preparation for the big game in Paris, Ma Lin encountered great challenge from a younger player who named Zhou Yu. It was a sweeping victory for Zhou Yu. 

"Winning over Ma Lin in 4-0 doesn't mean that I played well. It's mainly because Ma Lin did not play well." Zhou Yu said after the game. In the second day, Zhou Yu defeated another main player, winning in 4-2 against Xu Xin. 

In line with the , head coach Liu Guoliang is actually not worried about the loss but emphasised the need to prepare for a fierce competition in Paris. "The opponents were selected by the coaches. Everyone was hard to play against. This will allow them to release the pressure before the competition." Liu Guoliang said. 

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