Adham Sharara Knocks Out Bosi For The Ittf Presidency (Photos)

Adham Sharara Knocks Out Bosi For the ITTF Presidency (Photos)
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After all the controversies recently, the battle between Adham Sharara and Stefano Bosi for ITTF Presidency was decided yesterday where the incumbent leader knocks out his strongest opponent with the majority of votes. In addition, retired head coach of the Chinese Women's Team, Shi Zhihao was also elected as the vice-chairman.  


Xi'an Evening News. Aside from determining who gets to be hailed as the world champions, the rightful person to lead the international governing body for table tennis, ITTF, was also to be selected in Paris. Yesterday, May 15, such person was decided. 

Even before the election for ITTF President took place in Paris, the two strongest candidates, Adham Sharara and Stefano Bosi have already started their battle. 

It all started when Stefano Bosi accused the incumbent leader Sharara with corruption involving money and power. This eventually led Sharara to defend himself issuing his official statement on the matter. 

Just recently, Stefano Bosi took our attention after he was requested to silence in the Annual General Meeting to be held in Paris during the 2013 World Championships. For Bosi, this meeting could have been a nice opportunity to get more people to back his side and understand the matter at hand in more detail. 

Yesterday afternoon, May 15, the battle for ITTF Presidency has come to its final stage as all the members of the ITTF gathered to cast their vote on who gets to lead our sport for the next four years. Out of 204 representatives, Sharara got 149 votes which made his re-election for presidency a success. 

In addition, retired head coach of the Chinese Women's Team, Shi Zhihao was elected as vice-chairman as well with 119 votes. 

Congratulations to Adham Sharara, Shi Zhihao and even Stefano Bosi who fought for what he knew was right. However, could this be the end of the Sharara versus Bosi saga? 

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2013 Annual General Meeting in Paris

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