Bosi Silenced By The Ittf In The Annual General Meeting In Paris

Bosi Silenced By The ITTF In The Annual General Meeting In Paris
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The international governing body of table tennis, the ITTF is recently placed under controversy after ETTU President and ITTF presidential candidate Stefano Bosi revealed his allegations against the incumbent President Adham Sharara of corruption. Now that the annual meeting is coming nearer, new development on this issue arise and this time, Bosi being requested to silence in the upcoming presentation of candidates. 


Tencent Sports. Aside from the much anticipated 2013 World Championships, the election for the ITTF Presidency will also take place in Paris. Recently, the whole organisation was placed under controversy after ETTU's Stefano Bosi accused the incumbent president with corruption. 

A letter issued by the ITTF's CEO, Mrs Farago, dated May 6 has received a negative reaction from the ETTU President and ITTF's presidential candidate, Stefano Bosi. The content and tone of the letter astonished Bosi as he is being denied of his chance to speak up in the presentation of candidates in the upcoming Annual General Meeting or AGM. 

"As you mentioned, because of the sensitive nature of this election, we will not diverge from previous practice nor introduce elements not covered by the constitution. This is for the benefit of all involved and so to avoid any perception of unfair advantage. For this reason there will be no presentations made by an candidate for any position. For your information, the only exception to this practice was in 2009 in Yokohama, when Mr. Azevedo was given the opportunity to address the AGM as a counter-balance to Mr Sharara's regular quadrennial report and presentation to the AGM. This time, the incumbent President (Mr. Sharara) will not make this report." 

"This way we will avoid all the issues you raised such as controlling the presentation time exactly, deciding the order of presentation, the type of presentation, etc." 

In a letter dated May 7 to the ITTF officials, Bosi wrote: "The formalities you have decided to apply and follow, represent a serious infringement of every minimal rule of democracy and an incredible lack of respect for the Associations and their delegates." 

Bosi pointed out that the reason why Sharara refused to do a report in the ITTF Plenary Session is that he fears more controversy will be generated from it. 

"Probably, with such a disputable initiative, Sharara after having arrogantly refused to answer any of questions, is trying to avoid a public discussion and the judgement of the delegates about the well documented infringement of rules and laws, being in such a delicate position that cannot justify his doubtful activity." 

A reporter of Tencent Sports contacted Bosi and asked how will be able to relay his message if he will really not be given a chance to speak up. Bosi answered: "I hope I would be able to find a way. If they will not allow me to show my plan, I will print out my program and distribute it to the hands of the individual representatives." 

Indeed, this upcoming 2013 World Championships will be greatly anticipated. Not only because of the competition of the players but also who will win in this battle between Sharara and Bosi. 

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