Chinese Team Starts Their Journey To Paris (Photos)

Chinese Team Starts Their Journey To Paris (Photos)
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After their Closed Training and Warm-Up Match, the Chinese Team is now on their way to conquer the upcoming World Championships in Paris. Today, the whole delegation left for Austria to have their week-long adaptive training. In an interview, head coach Liu Guoliang said that the enthusiasm of the media and their fans encourages them to fight even more. In addition, Liu Guoliang revealed that they are focusing on the Singles as part of their strategy for the Olympics. 


China Interactive Sports. This morning, May 3, the whole delegation of the Chinese Team for the upcoming 2013 World Championships has embarked on their journey to Paris. Before the capital of France, the team will stay in Austria for their adaptive training. 

The team was scheduled to depart their apartment in Beijing at 11:00 however even as early as 9 in the morning, people, from the media to fans, family and friends, have started gathering outside for the send off. 

"We see a lot of media people and fans when a big competition is about to take place. Immediately the atmosphere is different and we feel the fighting spirit." Liu Guoliang said. 

Before heading to Paris, the whole delegation will stop by Austria for a week for their adaptive training. "Just like before, we first adjust and adapt in Austria. Every athlete should be able to adjust their physical and mental conditions better. Each person's attitude and position is critical." Liu Guoliang added. 

As the head coach of the National Team, Liu Guoliang admits that the Singles event is the most important. "We have a strategy. The Singles event is a part of the Olympic Games. The Doubles, on the other hand is not an Olympic item." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

This could explain why their lineup for the Doubles is not strong as the Singles. 

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Chinese Team's 2013 WTTC Send Off

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