Ding Ning Injured! (Video)

Ding Ning Injured! (Video)
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The reigning World Champion is experiencing difficulties in her condition for the upcoming World Championships. First, she posted a number of losses in the Squad Trials and was the last person to have won a seat through the competition. Second, Ding Ning also admitted that she is suffering from a knee injury which broke out in the Warm-Up Match that was held in Zhognshan last week.


Tencent Sports. The reigning World Champion posted a loss in the recently concluded Warm-Up Match in Zhongshan where she lost to Guo Yan. In her interview, she explained the reason for her loss and admitted that she is suffering from a knew injury. 

Last April 30, we have reported that Liu Shiwen has incurred an injury during the Warm-Up Match for the World Championships. Today, another member of the Chinese Women's Team is reported to have been injured as well. 

In the recently concluded Warm-Up Match of the Chinese Team in Zhongshan last weekend, the reigning World Champion, Ding Ning lost to the veteran Guo Yan in five sets

Ding Ning vs Guo Yan 2013 WTTC Warm-Up Match
video kindly shared by youku

After the game, Ding Ning explained why she lost. "I was slow in having the right momentum in the match against Guo Yan. I was behind in several sets and needed to catch up. I tend to get passive every time I am catching up. If I am off with a good start, I play better." Ding Ning said. 

In addition to her problem of starting slow, Ding Ning was also reported to have been injured as well. 

"I first had the knee injury during the the Squad Trials in Chengdu. It is an old injury. In order to avoid any impact in the upcoming World Championships, it needs to be protected." Ding Ning. revealed. 

Ding Ning was the last person in the Chinese Women's Team who sealed her seat in Paris. This is due to her losses in the Squad Trials. 

In the latest world ranking, Ding Ning is still ranked at the top. She and the rest of the Chinese Team are still in Beijing for their adjustment. 

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