Is Wang Hao Ending His Athletic Career After Marriage? (Video)

Is Wang Hao Ending His Athletic Career After Marriage? (Video)
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Knowing that every athlete reaches the end of his career sooner or later, Wang Hao is already thinking and planning about his future. With the scheduled wedding in June, Wang Hao has expressed his desire to continue serving the Chinese Team not as a player but as a coach instead. Is Wang Hao ending his athletic career soon?  


Tencent Sports. Being a coach is one of the options an athlete can take when he retires and this is what Wang Hao has in mind in the future. More detailed, Wang Hao is hoping to continue serving the Chinese Men's Team. 

Turning 30 this year, Wang Hao still maintains a commendable fighting spirit even overshadowing the likes of younger players, Ma Long and Yan An in the recently concluded 2013 World Championships.  

Wang Hao vs Yan An 2013 WTTC MS QF
video kindly shared by janus770

However, Wang Hao, approximately four years younger than Ma Lin and Wang Liqin is already showing signs of retiring. After the end of the 2013 World Championships, Wang Hao said in an interview that he is dedicating his match to the veterans Ma Lin, Wang Liqin, Hao Shuai and Chen Qi as that could also be his last World Championships. 

In addition, having to fail in completing his Grand Slam dream, Wang Hao is hoping that Zhang Jike be the next leader of the Chinese Team. "He is an extremely outstanding athlete and has also created a lot of miracles. I hope that he may be able to lead the Chinese Team well." He said. 

Lastly, just this day, Tencent Sports announced the confirmation of Wang Hao on the wedding issue. 

So, is Wang Hao bidding farewell soon? 

"The future is still under consideration. I may remain in the National Team as a coach but I certainly hope to stay in the men's team." He answered. 

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