Joao Monteiro To The Russian Premier League!

Joao Monteiro to the Russian Premier League!
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After successful season in the Bundesliga, Joao Monteiro leaves Saabrücken looking for new challenges. The Portuguese player signed  in UMMC, recent winner of the ETTU Cup. Therefore, Monteiro will be team mate of Ma Lin, Michael Maze, Hou Yingchao and Alexander Shibaev, among others.


Rumours has been confirmed. Joao Monteiro will compete in the 2013-14 Russian Premier League. The Portuguese player leaves the Bundesliga, where he represented Saabrücken. The German club of Bastian Steger and Bojan Tokic already got a replacement for him, his compatriot Tiago Apolonia. 

Monteiro will arrive in UMMC, winner of the 2012-13 ETTU Cup. The Portuguese player will be team mate of players such as Hou Yingchao, Alexandre Shibaev, Ma Lin and Michael Maze. The latter got injured in December 2012 and should be back for the next season. Shibaev also suffered an injury some time ago but he is back since the fourth round of the Russian league.

There are many players in UMMC as can be seen. Besides, Grigory Vlasov and Tan Ruiwu are part of the club. Therefore, the question is if Monteiro will have the chance of playing or if UMMC won't count on some players for the next season. 

Photo and info. source: Joao Monteiro's facebook page - 


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