Ma Lin & Wang Liqin Set A Record In The World Championships (Videos)

Ma Lin & Wang Liqin Set A Record In The World Championships (Videos)
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Ma Lin and Wang Liqin first set their foot in the World Championships in the 1997 season in Manchester. Although they were not able to win a medal in singles, their performance can already predict their bright future. Eventually, through the years, both Ma Lin and Wang Liqin have already set a record in the competition. 


PingPang. As 19 and 17 year old players, Wang Liqin and Ma Lin participated in the 1997 World Championships in Manchester. Although they were still very young, they have already made their presence felt in the international scene. 

After two years, both players have increased their technical level and in the 1999 World Championships in Netherlands, both achieved better results. Between the two, it was Ma Lin who had the more eye-catching performance. Along the way, Ma Lin defeated the European stars Vladimir Samsonov and Jan-Ove Waldner. Eventually, he reached the finals and played against Liu Guoliang. 

Still not gaining enough maturity, Ma Lin was not able to use all his opportunities and settled for silver. 

Wang Liqin on the other hand was not able to harvest a medal in the Men's Singles but he gained a silver in the Men's Doubles with Yan Sen. 

After not having to win the 1999 World Championships, Wang Liqin got his momentum and was proclaimed as the biggest winner in the 2001 Osaka World Championships. Wang Liqin got the championships title in the Men's Singles and also contributed to the overall victory of the Chinese Men's Team in the Team event. Ma Lin just settled with bronze in the Singles. 

In 2003, the Chinese Men's Team experienced a big loss after not one of their delegates was able to reach the finals. Both Wang Liqin and Ma Lin lost in the quarterfinals. It was Werner Schlager who won the championship title defeating Joo Sae Hyuk. 

After several opportunities to play in the World Championships, it was only in 2005 where Wang Liqin and Ma Lin had their encounter in the finals. In six sets, it was Wang Liqin who clinched his second world title. 

Who would have expected both players to meet one season after. In 2007 Zagreb World Championships, both reaches the finals for the second consecutive time. This time, Ma Lin had  big chance after posting a 3-1 lead and a 7-2 advantage in the fourth set. However, Wang Liqin did not give up and caught up just in time for victory. 

Wang Liqin vs Ma Lin 2007 WTTC MS Finals
video kindly shared by ttCountenance

For the third time, Wang Liqin won the world title and Ma Lin settled as the runner-up. 

In 2009, only Wang Liqin reached the finals after beating Ma Lin in the semifinals. However, Wang Liqin was not able to make it three-in-a-row after he lost to Wang Hao, the eventual winner. 

In 2011, new names have gained the spotlight. Neither Wang Liqin or Ma Lin was able to reach the semifinals. Ma Lin was beaten by Ma Long in 4-1 in the quarterfinals while Wang Liqin lost to the eventual winner Zhang Jike also in the same round. 

Wang Liqin vs Zhang Jike 2011 WTTC MS QF
video kindly shared by janus770

Ma Lin vs Ma Long 2011 WTTC MS QF
video kindly shared by ttCountenance

This year, the younger players of the Chinese Team have completely dominated the stage. Wang Liqin has completely lost his participation in the Singles while Ma Lin earned his seat in the Singles through the grace of the coaches. 

Although the spotlight is no longer on Ma Lin and Wang Liqin in the upcoming World Championships, they have already created a record deserving of recognition. Ma Lin will be participating his ninth World Championships Men's Singles, being the player of the Chinese Team to have attended the competition the most. Meanwhile, Wang Liqin have already earned 11 gold medals, one of the most in Chinese history. 

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