Ma Long & Ding Ning Plays Mixed Doubles In The Chinese National Games

Ma Long & Ding Ning Plays Mixed Doubles In The Chinese National Games
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Ma Long and Ding Ning will be back into action in the arena just weeks after the World Championships as they will take part in the 2013 Chinese National Games under the Beijing Team. Early this week, both players, together with Yan An were back into their provincial team to prepare for the preliminaries of the competition. 


Beijing Morning News. Just weeks after the 2013 World Championships, Chinese players like Ma Long, Ding Ning and Yan An returned into their provincial team, Beijing, in preparation for the Chinese National Games. 

After training with the National Team for the 2013 World Championships, the Chinese players went to their respective provincial teams in preparation for another sporting event, the Chinese National Games. 

The Chinese version of the Olympic Games, also known as the Chinese National Games will kick off tomorrow, May 31 and will end on June 7 in Nanchang. 

With this, Beijing players Ma Long, Ding Ning and Yan An started to train with the Beijing Team this Monday. 

Although lost in the quarterfinals in Paris, Yan An's performance can still be consider as commendable as he was not able to lose against foreign players. For the upcoming domestic competition, National Team's coach Xiao Zhan is personally guiding Yan An for the Singles. 

"Coach Xiao Zhan leads players who are domineering. In this case, Yan An still needs to be strengthened further." Yan An's father, Yan Yongguo, said. 

It was also reported that two Olympic champions Ma Long and Ding Ning will be pairing up for the Mixed Doubles. 

In the last season's competition, both the Beijing Men's and Women's Team reached the top four in the team events so they have a direct access for the final qualification. The individual events will start on June 3. Of course, Ma Long and Ding Ning will also go directly to the final qualification for the Singles. 

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