Shi Zhihao: The New Ittf Vice President

Shi Zhihao: The New ITTF Vice President
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Former head coach of the Chinese Women's Team, Shi Zhihao has now taken a higher office in table tennis, having been elected as the new Vice President of the ITTF for the next term. In his interview, Shi Zhihao talked about his responsibilities and his action plans. Now that the Chinese Team is giving their best efforts for the development of the sport, Shi Zhihao is very much willing to help. 


Beijing Times. The 2013 World Championships did not only produce the champions in the competition but also the officers who will lead the International Table Tennis Federation. Among them is the former Chinese coach Shi Zhihao. 

November of last year, Shi Zhihao cancelled his participation in the selection process for Chinese coaches. This already signified that the Chinese Women's Team might just have a new head coach. 

Indeed, after a month, the Grand Slam champion Kong Linghui assumed higher position within the Chinese Team and replaced Shi Zhihao. 

However, after his retirement from the Chinese Team, Shi Zhihao found a place in the International Table Tennis Federation or the ITTF. During the 2013 World Championships in Paris,the former head coach was elected to be the Vice President of the international governing body. 

"Being able to be elected as ITTF's vice president indicates the strength of the Chinese table tennis. I am responsible for education, training and other promotional efforts and to allow the Chinese Team to play a better role in the ITTF." Shi Zhihao said. 

Having to assume a broader responsibility now, Shi Zhihao has already set his goals. 

"After the re-election of President Sharara, he expressed that he hopes to bring table tennis into the world's top five sports in this new term. This is also my goal as the vice president. In addition, I aim that the Chinese table tennis will find its suitable position in the further development of the sport. I should do what I need to do." Shi Zhihao added. 

The new Vice President has already laid down his plans as well. "First, I still need to do some promotional work, helping to raise the level of players coming from less advanced areas. I also need to send some coaches and arrange training camps." Shi Zhihao concluded. 

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