Tie Yana Is Six Weeks Pregnant

Tie Yana Is Six Weeks Pregnant
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The Hong Kong Team won't be joining the upcoming 2013 World Championships in Paris with their main player Tie Yana. The reason behind her absence is to prevent miscarriage. Yes, Tie Yana is pregnant and her teammate Jiang Huajun will be the one to lead the women's team in the competition. In her interview, Jiang Huajun admitted that Tie's absence doesn't have much of an impact. In addition, Hong Kong's team revealed where their chances lie in the World Championships. 


Xinhua Net. Yesterday, May 2, the Hong Kong table tennis team had an open training in preparation for the upcoming 2013 World Championships in Paris. However, the leading name in the team, Tie Yana wouldn't be able to participate in the competition. 

Just several days ago, Tie Yana was reported to be six weeks pregnant and therefore had to give up this year's World Championships. 

In 2009, Tie Yana was married to Tang Peng, a Hong Kong table tennis player as well. Two years after, Tie Yana was already expressing her desire to have children. Just before the 2011 World Championships, Tie Yana revealed that she is very much willing to give up any international competition just for her family. 

With this, her teammate Jiang Huajun will be the one to lead the team in the competition and thinks that Tie Yana'a absence is not much of a big deal. "This year happens to be the individual world championships so her absence is not much of an impact to the team." Jiang Huajun said. 

However, Jiang Huajun admitted that her present condition is not at its optimum. "My physical condition has been poor since the Asian Cup and recovery hasn't been that good. There are problems on the physical aspect as well. I have been seeing a Chinese doctor." Jiang Huajun added. 

Last season, Jiang Huajun was able to clinch a medal in both Women's Doubles (with Tie Yana) and the Mixed Doubles (with Cheung Yuk). This season, Jiang Huajun would like to continue the trend. 

"I hope to be able to continue the results I had in Rotterdam. What's important is that I give my best in completing the competition." Jiang Huajun concluded. 

In line with this, the head coach of the women's team revealed that their chances for a medal is actually in the Doubles event. 

"The Mixed Doubles and the Women's Doubles are the strengths of our team so we have high hopes. Before, Tie Yana and Jiang Huajun took the third place in the Women's Doubles. This time, Tie Yana is replaced by Lee Ho Ching. Our two pairs in the Mixed Doubles also have some chances. Jiang Huajun and Cheung Yuk got third place in the last season. Jiang Tianyi and Lee Ho Ching are also looking good." Women's Team coach Li Huifen (Mandarin name) said. 

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